About Me

About Me

Olivia Levez
In my latest book, the protag has to join in a team game where she has to give facts about herself, one for each piece of toilet paper she has ripped off.
So (busy ripping...)
Here are eleven and a half facts about me:
Fact 1: I'm a Young Adult writer, blogger and teacher. I'm also lucky enough to be represented by Clare Wallace from Darley Anderson. 
Here's a picture of me (and the eye & ear of Gino Del Campo.)

Fact 2: My debut YA book THE ISLAND is to be published by Rock the Boat at Oneworld in March 2016.
Fact 3: Gryffindor. Of course.
Fact 4: I like snow better than heat-waves. Snow Days from school are The Best Thing Ever.

Fact 5: My dog Basil often sleeps in bed with me. We started off training him not to go upstairs by shooting him with a water-pistol, but that's all fallen by the way-side. He whistles when he's happy.
Fact 6: Writing binges take place at my caravan. This is my Room of One's Own. I get 5000 words a day done and finishing for the day is a bit disorientating, like when you walk out of the cinema into the sunlight.
Fact 7: When researching and writing my YA desert island book, I decided to see how long I could live off the contents of the food cupboard in my caravan. For a week I ate only rice, porridge-made-with-water-and-raisins, tins of sardines, oranges and tomato cuppa-soup. I was glad when the week was over.

Fact 8: I have a Christmas birthday. Everyone knows to buy me writing notebooks now.

Fact 9: I have a "Never Drink Alone and Never Drink At Home" rule for alcohol. I am always at friends' houses.
Fact 10: Brown sauce. Always.
Fact 11: Parma Violets, Turkish Delight, Liquorice and Marmite. Love them all.

And a half: I can almost do a headstand...

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  1. Olivia, as a retired teacher who taught for many years , I wholeheartedly support your statement: snow days are the best ever!