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Monday, 16 February 2015

Just For Fun: Rhian Ivory

As part of the countdown to UKYA Extravaganza, Birmingham, we at Write For Real asked our Blog Tour author Rhian Ivory to share her answers to some fairly random questions...
Tea or coffee?
Always tea. I like to drink at least six cups of Earl Grey a day! Never coffee unless I'm really tired...
Cats or dogs?
Definitely dogs. I have two: a black lab called Betty and a Springer Spaniel called Badger. Both are nuts.

Pause as thinks "aaahhh, those eyes" and "did you know you have the same sofa as me?"
Cake or chocolate?
Chocolate - but I'm incredibly fussy so it has to have something in it like nuts or fruit.
Camping or luxury hotel?
Luxury hotel because I've never really stayed in one apart from The Balmoral in Edinburgh once which was pretty special.

The Balmoral - with doormen and everything
Paper books or e books?
Paper - but I do have a Kindle.
Heels or wellies?
Wellies. With having two dogs and living next to a farmer's field, heels won't get me very far!
The farmer's field where Betty and Badger get their daily run (no heels in sight)
Which Hogwarts House?
I've done the test and I'm Ravenclaw.
Luna Lovegood - a fellow Ravenclaw
Write or type?
Type. I need Spell-check!
Summer or Winter?
Summer. This Winter has gone on far too long and I need Spring and some sunshine.
Minimalist or hoarder?
Minimalist apart from my book collection, which is verging on an obsession!
Rhian's book collection - maybe
Red or brown sauce?
Red. I can't stand brown. And I only use red on bacon sandwiches.
Meticulous planner or "straight in with the first draft"?
Straight in and sort out the mess later!
Hmmm. Let's look again at Rhian's author pic. We at Write For Real are thinking "what about all those post-it notes? Looks pretty planned to us."

Finally- and most importantly: Marmite. Do you love it or hate it?
Love it!
You will find Rhian Ivory talking about her books at UKYA Birmingham on Saturday 28th February.
See you there if you've been lucky enough to get your hands on a ticket!